To all who mourn in Israel, He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory. Isaiah 61:3

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I'm (Not) Fine: A Candid Chat About Anxiety and Stress

Good Thursday to you all! 

Today's blog post is going to be a little something out of the ordinary...not happy looking photos of me wearing my newest creations...but rather, I'm going to be very transparent in this one about my almost life long battle with stress and anxiety.

Source:  I'm Fine

After listening to so many women (all within the past 2 months) share about their struggles with stress and anxiety, or share that their children are having issues with them, I decided that now was the time to talk about this.  Especially after this past month and a half when my beloved Colton (he is my photographer for my blog) opened up to us about his mental issues about stress, anxiety, self loathing among other very serious things (he has given me permission to share this), I strongly feel that talking about these things, being open and transparent about what we are dealing with and going through, not being ashamed or embarrassed over something we have no control over, is a HUGE step in the healing process.

I had started this post on Sunday night at around 10:45 and it stressed me out so much that I closed my computer and am just now opening it up again.  I wanted it to be all flowery filled with anecdotes and links to websites that would offer up wonderful information that has helped me in my journey and my thoughts on why we feel we need to put our shiniest faces forward on social media.  But, the very thought of having to do all the research just defeated me. (It usually takes me hours to write my blog posts as I want them to be a good read, funny, with pretty pictures and good research...this time it is going to be raw and off the cuff like we are having a conversation...) So, I am simply going to share with you my story and maybe that will help someone with what they are going through. 

I have always struggled with stress and anxiety.  Well, at least as long as I can remember.  Being a first born and a wee bit OCD hasn't helped one bit.  I remember stressing out about my brother and sister getting hurt or doing something naughty (hello!!  Not the mama and the daddy!!!)  I would get sick and not be able to eat breakfast before I left for school in the morning.  I was always afraid that I would get in trouble for something/anything and was always in a heightened state of awareness.  This seems so weird as I had the best childhood ever, my parents were loving and FABULOUS, I loved Jesus with all my heart!! So, where did this all this crazy, crippling anxiety and not dealing with stress come from?

Well, it was 5 or 6 years ago at the end of summer, I remember this because I was canning peaches, when one morning I awoke with the greatest pressure on my chest.  I laid in bed and took stock of my stress levels.  Over the years I have learned that when there is pressure in my chest that I am in the grip of an anxiety attack.  Well, this time around was different.  There was nothing going on in my life that would warrant this reaction.  Life was good, no issues with anything whatsoever!!  So, why was a 10 ton elephant sitting on my chest?  I took my shower and began boiling the water to start peeling the peaches and I could feel my blood pressure rising, like really rising.  I stopped what I was doing and went to the fire station down the road so they could take my blood pressure.  The fireman that was taking it turned white and his eyeballs bunged out of his head!  He said, you need to go home and rest for an hour then go to the Paramedic station and have them check it again.  I can't remember what my blood pressure was, but it seriously high, enough to suggest I was probably having a heart attack, or would have one presently. Wooooooow.  That's awesome.  So I did as directed.  Well, my blood pressure hadn't gone down, but rather had gotten worse, even though I thought the whole thing ridiculous because I knew nothing was wrong.  So, the paramedic suggested they transport me to the ER and have an EKG which I did. 

 Happily the doctor on call was a cardiologist.  She informed me that I wasn't having a heart attack (thank you Lord!!!) but an anxiety attack.  Well, that was weird to me because nothing major was going on at the time.  So, she asked me what had  been going on.  Well, that summer my brother-in-law had many, many brain surgeries (between June and Thanksgiving weekend he had 10) and many of them were emergency ones.  The stress from being in that frightened state, over his life, my sister's life, the children, etc had taken it's tole.  She said, "No wonder you are having an anxiety attack!"  She decided to do blood work and check the levels of the naturally occurring anti-anxiety and anti-stress hormones and it was determined that my Serotonin levels were very low as I was using up more than my body could make.  (after much consideration, I am surmising that I have probably had low serotonin levels my whole life).  Anyway, she also shared this little tid bit with me. 

"What you feel physically in your body when you are having an anxiety attack is only 10% of what is going on in the whole of your body."

Whoa.  In other words, the panicky feeling I was getting, the pressure in my chest, that was only a little bit of what my body was dealing with.  The major organs are affected by stress and anxiety, the blood vessels, your ability to breathe, your digestive system...It's ALL affected when we are in the throes of anxiety.  And that is not good.  

I was put on Citalopram to help me deal with the stress and boy did it help!  After about a year I decided to go off of it and for a while it was ok.  

For me, anytime any sort of stress enters my life, whether it be good or bad, my anxiety levels shoot up and that stupid pressure comes back.  Well recently, the ugly anxiety monster has made its way back into my life.  It all started before the election this year.  The horrible and ugly things being said on both sides of the political fence really started to take their tole on my mental health (I am what people call a sensitive and so get literally physically ill when I read ugly words over and over again on social media) so I took myself off of Facebook for a time.  Then as things always seem to do in my life, events started to snowball.  If any one of these particular events would have happened one at a time, I could have totally handled it.  But Nooooooooooooo!!!!  We must gang up on Gina!!  Things got so bad with so many things in my personal life and the lives of my loved ones (like some of my sweet Mama's physical issues and my sweet son's battle with his own stress, anxiety and self loathing) that my level of anxiety was the worst it's ever been.  

I started getting what I have dubbed "Anxiety Blooms".  It's when something sets you off and it feels like your chest, starting in the center and blooming outwards, is being having a killer adrenaline rush.  I was getting them up to 15 times daily.  Anytime a text would chime on my phone.  Anytime a loud noise was made in the house.  Anytime the dogs barked.  I took my blood pressure during one of these Blooms and it was 170/118.  Wow!  Awesome.  

I started really self medicating myself (in the past I would do this about once every other month) by drinking a whole bottle of champagne.  It has less alcohol than wine and it would give me a lovely buzzed feeling which I wanted to feel good even for a little bit, and it totally took my anxiety away.  Well, this time around, the champagne wasn't working.  Like not at all.  It didn't take away the pressure in my chest and I didn't even feel good with the buzzed feeling.  Even blasting worship music wasn't working.

It was after acknowledging I didn't want to ruin my liver and after admitting that all other non medicine avenues weren't working, that Greg and I decided that I needed "bigger" help in dealing with this crap.  Not only was I having anxiety blooms and high blood pressure, I was sleeping in until 10:30 after going to sleep at 11.  I lost all interest in the things I loved to do, namely sewing and antique shopping, I wasn't myself (I am so very full of joy and happiness most of the time), food didn't taste good yet I was shoving it down my throat (I have gained over 7 pounds back), I had no interest in life, I couldn't make words form when I was in conversation, living was just hard and I felt on a minute to minute basis that I was drowning in quick sand and I could feel myself curling in on myself.  

I took a test at the Dr's. office and it showed that not only was I in a full blown state of anxiety, but I was also depressed.  I thought this odd because I didn't feel depressed.  But she let me know that anxiety, stress and depression are very close bed fellows and we decided to put me once again on Citalopram.  Now while this is not what I want for myself as I really would rather do it in a more homeopathic sort of bent, this is what is needed for me right now.  I do not want to have a heart attack or stroke.  I do not want to ruin my internal organs.  I want to be around for a long time.  I want to get healthy again.  So, for now, until this season of crap storm that life is throwing my way has past, I will stay on the Citalopram.  Then when I am healthy, and life has leveled out, I will look into nutrition and exercise and learning how to deal with stress and worship music and prayer and all the other good things to get me back to being me!

So, if you don't see me on Facebook or notice that I haven't been keeping up on my blog, this is why.  It takes great energy, even with the medication which is greatly helping, to do more that the basic wife, mom, living things.

Some of the things I have experienced with anxiety over the years are:

-loss of appetite
-too much appetite
-food not tasting good
-too much sleeping
-not sleeping well
-feeling like just sitting on the couch and not doing anything
-feeling like just staying in bed and not doing anything
-exhaustion, both physically and emotionally
-loss of interest in things I love doing
-struggling to do the basics like make the bed, clean the house and make dinner for my family
-crying at the smallest things and at the worst times
-getting lost in my neighborhood (like I had NO IDEA WHERE I WAS!!!)
-feeling like I'm drowning in quick sand
-feeling like I'm curling up on myself
-feeling like I'm worthless
-feeling guilty for feeling this way
-feeling like I can't get a satisfying deep breath
-wanting to hibernate
-avoiding calling people or returning phone calls
-panicking when someone asks to go out for lunch or dinner
-feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton

I could go on, but I won't.  But, I would like to leave you with some hopeful thoughts.

-If you have to talk about your feelings, talk about them until you don't have to talk about them anymore. Sometimes we just have to hear our voice outside of our heads to help us process and heal.

-Please don't feel guilty for this!  You didn't wake up one morning and decide, "Hey!  Being stressed out sounds like all sorts of fun!  Let's freak out and have stupid high blood pressure!!"  This is not something you chose.

-Be gentle and kind to yourself.  We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to things like this. Remember, this was not of your choosing, so stop blaming yourself and start loving yourself again.

-Get good rest and if you can, don't over exert yourself.  You don't need to take on new projects, it will only add to your stress.

-Learn to feel comfortable saying no.  Sometimes, the stress of having to go out and "perform" doesn't help one bit.  It's ok, one day you will want to get out once again!

-For this season, do what you need to do for you.  If you need to go on a medication and you would rather not, please don't feel defeated in doing so.  There are seasons in life and hopefully this will be a very short one.  If you would rather go the naturalistic way, do that. Remember, you are answerable only to yourself and in my case to God.  When it comes to your health, do what you need to do to get you healthy.

-Even thought this is hard and I need to take my own advise here, reach out to your friends and let them know what you are going through.  They can pray with and for you, listen to you talk about what you are feeling, just be "there" with you and maybe not even have to have a conversation.

-Take things moment by moment, not day by day.  

-Don't apologize for the state you are in.  Again, you didn't choose this.

I hope this will help someone who reads this. Remember, you are not alone in this battle!  

I hope you all have a  wonderfully blessed rest of your week!  I'm now off to shove potato chips down my throat and watch Sherlock Holmes!


 Source:  Parent Pretty

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The 1930s "WH Gina Dress" Meets the 1940s 844 Steam Engine!

Good Saturday night, almost Sunday morning to you all!  I hope this blog post finds you all well!  In between the crazy and the mundane I have been doing ok!  

This year the Boise Train Depot is celebrating its 92nd Birthday.  To help with the celebration, Eriks Garsvo (Eriks works with the Boise Parks System as "Conductor"/tour guide at the Boise Train Depot and also works closely with the Nampa Depot restoring a vintage caboose among other things) got the Union Pacific to bring the Union Pacific Heritage Steam Locomotive No. 844 to Boise for the celebration!  How totally cool is that?  VERY!!!  Since my sweet family couldn't be at the Birthday Party for the depot tomorrow as we are celebrating my Colton's 15th Birthday, we decided to go to the depot to watch the locomotive make its grand entrance at the depot and what a grand entrance it was!  Holy canoli!  It was so exciting and LOUD!  There is a video linked at the end of this post.  It was so fun to be able to watch this fabulous train make its way to our fair city!

Since I couldn't make it to Sunday's festivities, I decided that today would be a GREAT day to wear my Wearing History's 1930s "Gina Dress" and also take the opportunity to do a photo shoot.  My very talented son Colton was my photographer once again and did a fantastic job!  He is so awesome!

I tried a new tactic where my hair was concerned.  Instead of just twisting my hair back into a bun, I did a whole bunch of curls around my face and pinned them up, then twisted the hair back into a bun.  I know that I need a lot more practice in the hair area, but I'm getting there!  And I think I am getting better with the 1930s make up.  I'm thinking about investing in some Besame make-up as it's geared towards that lovely vintage look!

This time around with the pictures, I played around with some fun editing thinking it would be fun to have a more vintage look to the pictures Colton took.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed wearing this dress and the super fun time at the Train Depot!

The Hair and Make-Up

The Photo Shoot



I couldn't help being a goof here!  Colton was down below waiting to take my picture at the edge if a great precipice...Ok, it wasn't that great, but 10' into a pond of koi...ya, that's great!  Anyhoo, I think this is one of my favorite photos!

The Family Minus One
(Cody had to work late) fabulously sweet husband!  He didn't want to take this picture with me because, "I'm not dressed for this!"  Whatever you handsome devil you!  You look gorgeous!

My Colton's Birthday was yesterday!  He turned 15!  I can't believe how old he is getting.  I love this young man so much!  He is funny, fun, has a great sense of humor, is kind, gentle, but sticks up for right and justice.  He loves his family and friends with a fierce passion, loves rap music and playing the guitar, and he loves Jesus!  I can't wait to see what the next 15 years bring!  Happy Birthday to you my son!!

Union Pacific Heritage Steam Locomotive No. 844

My friend Eriks the Conductor.  His face was beaming with his grin because he got to ride in the cab of the locomotive!  What fun!

The sound of the horn at the end of the video was almost deafening!  It was crazy awesome!

Ok, well, I am going to go to bed or I will be a zombie tomorrow.  I hope you all have a marvelous Sunday!



Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pink Blossom Easter Sunday Dress!

Good Sunday to you all!  I hope you had a most wonderfully blessed Easter!  I had a really fabulous day myself!  Celebrating Resurrection Sunday at church, worshiping the risen King, spending time with my incredible and fun family, getting stuffed on the most fabulous ham I have ever put in my mouth, hiding Easter Eggs for kids who are almost too old to go on Easter Egg hunts, sitting in my parents' backyard in the shade and eating yummy cake made by mom, laughing my head off at the fun stories that are told over and over.  Ya, my day was most satisfying!  

Another fun thing that I did today was do an exceedingly fast fashion shoot with my Colton taking the pictures.  Right after church and before we left for mom and dad's, we drove around looking for the perfect blooming trees to use as back drops for the dress I made for Easter Sunday!

It all started back last summer when I saw this seriously beautiful, fun and PINK floral print cotton at Wal-Mart,  I really liked it and would always pet it when in the store.  I knew it would make a perfect summer dress, but then when I was doing my mad 1930s research a few months ago, I came across the perfect inspiration image and the fabric of the dress was so close to my Wal-Mart fabric I totally freaked out!  The inspiration dress is more peach, but I prefer pink to peach, so that was just fine by me!  I also noted that the blouse portion of the dress could totally be made using Wearing History's 1930s Day or Evening Blouse Pattern if I altered the collar and added an outside placket.  Perfection!!!!!!!

Fast forward to recently.  Driving around this spring, I saw all the wonderful pink and white blossoms bursting forth on all the spring blooming trees.  Oh my giddy aunt!  Photo shoot perfection!! Then I recalled that Easter was coming up...

Fabulous pink fabric + blossoming spring trees + Easter =

We Must Make This Dress NOW!!!!

So....slowly but surely, my Pink Blossom Easter Sunday Dress was made!!  

Then I got all self conscious and didn't know if I wanted to wear it to church...with the make-up...and the gloves...and the HAT!!!

You see, I'm a "wear jeans and nice blouse to church" kinda gal.  So, wearing a dress, that is vintage looking is waaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone!  But after some great council from my fabulous husband (I could wear my dress that I made specifically for Easter Sunday to church as an offering to the King we were celebrating!  Huzzah!!!) I decided to wear my dress!  I'm so glad I did!  It was more comfortable than I thought it would be and the shoes were even comfy!  I am so loving this era and it's happy cotton fabrics that I am so wanting to make more and will possibly be wearing them to church in the future!

So, on to the flowers.  The print on the fabric shows beautiful blossoms, probably cherry, but really, they could be any blossoms!  I had an hour before we had to leave for the parents' and so Colton and I set off to find some trees.  Happily one subdivision offered up two blossom colors and the third color was found off a semi busy road on the way home!  We were crazy running people and I'm sure passers by got quite the laugh!

Thank you to my wonderfully talented son for the great pictures!  You are a rock star!!!

Inspiration image and my dress!

Wearing History's Pattern that I altered to make my dress!  

Flowers of White

Yikes!  Sun Washout!  Oh well...the trees were fabulous!

Flowers of Dark Pink

Flowers of Pale Pink

Well, there you have it.  The craziness of Gina White.  I just never know when the inspiration to make something will strike and I'm so happy that this time around all the things that I envisioned in my mind totally worked well together!  

Have a wonderful week coming up everyone!  Next up?  Another 1930s dress.  Yup.  I have totally lost my mind!!



Sunday, April 2, 2017

Wearing History's "1930s Gina Dress"

Good Sunday to you all!  I hope you have been having a great end of March/first of April!  We here in Idaho have been enjoying our usual "if you don't like the weather in Idaho, wait 15 minutes" weather.  I do love this about our change of seasons.  At least the Spring/Autumn times.  During winter, you can depend on bitter cold.  During summer, you can depend on disgusting heat.  But in the autumn and especially the spring, it is fun to see what will happen "tomorrow".  Personally I have been super busy doing life things and working on a wonderful somewhat new to me era!!  Here's the story.

About two years ago (at least I think it was that long ago...) when I was in my "let's do all the 1930s, 40s and 50s things!!!" mode, I was at Antique World Mall when I came across the most beautiful pattern I had ever seen.  This includes all of my 1950s sailor dress patterns, even my few Victorian-1916 patterns. Why?  Because of the blue floral print dress.  My heart was lost utterly and completely to this era.  (Great!!!  Like I need another era to have my heart be lost to!!!!)  I think I was just at this point searching for inspiration into this era and hoping that I would be able to find some patterns in my size...both body wise as well as wallet size.  One of my favorite booths offered up the pattern that would change my mind when it comes to the 1930s...that is until I made the 1930s Fall Suit.  But I digress...

Giddy with delight, I photographed it with my phone and went to the one spot in the store that gets internet reception and Facebook messaged it to Lauren of Wearing History.  I think I jokingly asked her if she would size it up for me as the bust size is 32" (if I didn't actually ask her that, I am pretty sure I was thinking it.  When you get "old", memories that are over a week old, begin to get fuzzy.)  Being that I have an ENORMOUS rib cage, there wasn't a snowball's chance that this would fit and I don't even know where to begin sizing patterns up.  Almost immediately I got a response from Lauren and I am pretty sure she was as giddy as I was with the beautiful pattern.  During the course of our furious messaging back and forth, it was decided that I would send her the pattern and she would work her magic and create a multi-sized pattern for all to enjoy!!  I was thrilled!  And to be perfectly honest with you, my thrilled-ness was totally selfish, because that meant that IIIIIIIII would totally benefit from this idea!!  But, yes, I was also thrilled that Lauren would be making a new pattern to sell and others who love vintage dressing and sewing would benefit from the new pattern!  Win Win for us all!!

Well, things over the year happened, like the back yoke piece not being in the pattern and the search for one commencing , and ooooooh a most beautiful, joyful, longed for and loved baby being born and the events that go along with that and the pattern took a while to get sized up.  Lauren kept apologizing that she hadn't gotten to the pattern.  I was totally fine with that as I realize that being pregnant and having a baby totally take precedence over pattern making and I was in no way in any hurry!!!  But recently (see?  I can't even remember when the flurry of hurridness started!)  Lauren informed me that the pattern was being printed and would I like to be a pattern tester?  Well, again perfect honesty here, I hadn't been too impressed with how the Orange Fall Suit fit and I didn't like how I looked in it and "would I really ever use a 1930s dress in a fashion show?" and do I even want to fuss over this "vintage" era as it's not antique?  All these thoughts went through my mind as I slept on her question.  Finally I decided that yes, I would be a pattern tester.  After all, she had been worried that I would be upset if the pattern didn't come out in time etc, so how could I NOT be a tester!!??  See?  I can totally be a selfish snot.

Finally the pattern came and the name of it was "1930s Gina Dress".  Lauren had asked me my opinion on naming the dress and I said I had no idea and that I trusted her to name it.  I can't remember if she told me what it would be, or maybe I forgot what she had said in the hurry and hustle of daily life, but when I was holding the pattern in my hand and saw what the name was, my heart constricted and I got a flush of happiness, humility, unbelief, awe and a huge dorky smile spread over my face and my eyes misted over!  What a great honor to have this pattern named after me!  (Thank you so much Lauren!!!)

I got right to work on the mock up using some horrible fabric that was scratchy and gross, but as the shape began to take shape, I got more than excited.  How had I missed the awesomeness of this era?  Perhaps it was the using of a pattern that wasn't an actual vintage one, I don't know.  In any case, I hit AAAALLLLL of the quilt shops in town looking for a similar fabric to the one shown on the pattern.  Finally I found a fat quarter of THE PERFECT FABRIC at a store called Crafter's Warehouse.  Of course they had sold out of the fabric and wouldn't be getting any in.  I then re-visited AAAAALLLLLL of the quilt stores in town and nope.  Not a one of the stores had my fabric.  So to the internet I went.  Happily Hancock's of Paduca had some!  I ordered it and anxiously waited until it came.  Theeeeen I had to order a soft hand cotton organdy.  That too took "forever"!!!  (I so totally need a worm hole!!)  But both came and I got to work!!!

Below is my version of Wearing History's newest pattern!

The Dress

My version and the original.  I am wanting to do a photo shoot at the Boise Depot as it would be a perfect fit.  The Depot was made in the 1920s so would be perfect for a dress that was fashioned after the fashion of the 1930s!

The pattern.  When I sent it to Lauren, I didn't think I would see it again.  I messaged Lauren and asked if I could have a photo copy of it and she informed me that she would be sending it back!!!  I was so ecstatic about that!! 

 A fun still life.  Original pattern, vintage buttons and belt buckle found at my other favorite antique store (Something Special in Meridian), the new pattern and my fabric!

You can order you pattern from Wearing History.

Emma wearing my new dress.  Poor thing needs to gain some weight!!!

I so love the front of the top!  The gathering into the yoke is so sweet!

The buttons aren't that interesting like a lot of the 1930s buttons were, but the "watery red" of them matched the buckle perfectly!

I rushed to Something Special knowing they would have the perfect buckle and sure enough, an oval, red buckle was waiting just for me!

Hand sewn rolled hems!  I don't think they are too awful for my first attempt!

The sweet ruffles on this dress make it so girly and fun!

Awesome kick pleat at front and back!  Everything about this dress is so cool!

The Hat and Accessories

I had a booger of a time trying to find a hat that would be similar to the one on the pattern, but short of a divine miracle, I am pretty sure one will never present itself.  The blue of the fabric, well it's a really odd blue.  Not navy, not baby, not sky, not periwinkle, not teal...Every hat I found that I held up to it was just off.  And not just off, but make your eyeballs bleed off!!  I decided that instead of having the shoes and hat be blue (I had the same issue with shoes) I would just use red for all the accessories.

Enter the thrift store straw hat.

This is what my 1930s fedora style hat started life out as.  A 1990s summer hat.  It is made of the most wonderful straw that totally does what you ask it to!  I don't know the name of it, but every time I see one of these in a thrift store, yard sale or estate sale, I get it because I know that I'll be able to reshape it into what I am "needing".

The inspiration for my new hat is an original.  I do have some lovely wool that matches it almost perfectly that I'll use for something 30s, but for now it played the perfect model!

The red gloves and both bracelets are vintage.  Not sure exactly how old they are, but will work nicely with the dress!  The shoes...the shoes.  These proved to be a bit problematic.  Until I am sure that I truly love this era (like will I wear it on a regular basis outside of costuming?) I don't want to invest in an expensive pair of shoes.  Until I decide on that matter, these shoes from a thrift store will work just fine.  They have a very vintage flair and the color was red!  Not sure exactly when peep toes came onto the shoe scene, but again until I can afford some Miss L Fire shoes, these are going to be it!  Also, my feet HATE HATE HATE there is that.

The platforms of this shoe are also not era correct, but aren't they so cute?

The pearl bracelet belonged to my Great-Grandma Nonni!!

Firsts For Me!

This era and pattern offered an opportunity for me to grow sewing wise which always makes me happy!  Especially if there is a YouTube tutorial I can watch several times!

Rolled Hems.  How I hate thee!  I could totally write a sonnet about my hatred for these hems, but I'm too tired to, so just believe me when I say, that I hate them.  I did find a lovely YouTube video that really helped me...along with having lovely cotton organdy that didn't ravel much!

Rolled Hem tutorial that totally helped me.  The tips of my fingers are so fat and calloused from sewing that doing small work like this is very difficult.  But after several hours, my hems were completed!

Bound button holes.  Ok, the very thought of these filled me with dread and I had made up my mind that I wouldn't be making them for this dress.  But after much agonizing about them, I decided to make them...then the real agonizing about doing them began!!  Again, YouTube tutorials came to my rescue.  After watching several that seemed way to much like welt pockets, I discovered this one...

This two piece bound button hole tutorial totally worked for me!!

The last first was a lap closure!  At first I didn't see how it would work, but after I started working on it, it became clear and totally worked and lays flat so very nicely!!

First Wearing

As I said above, I am wanting to do a proper photo shoot of the dress, but couldn't resist putting it on along with the accessories and some lipstick!  I am going to have to do some research and make sure the hat of correct proportions but for right now, I'm really happy with how everything turned out!

About the pattern... Lauren as always did a magnificent job with resizing the pattern.  This being my second time making a 1930s outfit, I am quite thrilled with how easily this went together.  Where there are questions about things, Lauren has added WH (Wearing History) notes to help with modern day understandings.  The fit is perfect (I used the size 40 bust for the top and the size 38 bust for the skirt) but ya, the fit is excellent!  I made this blouse using the Tea at Two and that pattern too was most excellent!  If I could, I would own every Wearing History pattern because they are just that fabulous!!

Thank you so much Lauren for making this pattern possible for ladies like me who are not a size 32 bust!  You are such a patterning rock star!!!

I hope you all have a most wonderful week and I'll chat with you later!

Be Blessed!